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Founded in 1993, CV. Bangkit Jayaa is a rapid growing company provides high-quality aromatic chemicals, essentials oils, natural specialities, tobacco flavors, and also food ingredients to major companies and industries in Indonesia.

Following the principle of high quality, efficient and reliable, during its mature age, CV. Bangkit Jayaa has established good cooperation with suppliers and distributors from other countries such China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Ireland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium, UK, Greece, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Croatia, Malawi, Italy, Germany, etc. and its turn over is approximately USD 12,000,000.00/Anum.

With a couple of divisions of Tobacco Division (handling tobacco flavours and cigarette ingredients) and Food Division (handling food flavours), CV. Bangkit Jayaa covers wide range of distribution network supported by very reliable Sales Force on each division.

Thus, its reputation is built on the contribution of technical knowledge, special people and accumulation of valuable experience for decades.